Invest in U.S. Oil & Gas Assets

Put your money to work with a direct energy investment that makes sense.
With Eagle Natural Resources, you’ll enjoy:
  • Direct Asset Ownership: You own interest in oil and natural gas wells, not energy company stock that is at the mercy of an unpredictable market.
  • Generous Tax Benefits: Minimize your tax liability with a write-off of up to 85% of your investment.
  • Passive Monthly Income Potential: Now is the time to buy oil and gas assets, while a lower cost of entry and lower drilling and operational costs position you well for a potential return.
Why Eagle Natural Resources?
  • We focus on Proved Undeveloped (PUD) drilling locations in proven producing fields with zero wildcatting.
  • Our projects feature extensive third-party geophysical/economic due diligence.
  • Our experienced management facilitates all phases of upstream operations.
  • We deliver direct deeded Working Interest ownership.
  • Partner K1s are dispersed annually directly from Eagle.
  • We offer straight-forward, easy-to-understand participation with zero hidden fees.

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