Meet Eagle’s Founder Jeremy Paul

Friday, January 27th, 2023 and is filed under Uncategorized

Founder and CEO, Jeremy Alexander Paul has nearly two decades of experience in the oil and gas sector with a proven track record of taking advantage of market opportunities––especially down market environments. Over the past year alone, he has spearheaded the efforts behind acquiring over 4,000 net mineral acres across Texas and Oklahoma. Eagle’s portfolio of held-by-production (HBP) properties currently features minority and majority interest ownership in over 85 producing wells.

Sign up for our oil & gas newsletter.Jeremy Paul is a big believer in lower risk redevelopment where an infusion of capital in proven-producing fields with an existing stable of wells can produce big results. With experience in all phases of upstream development including drilling, testing, completing, acidizing hydraulic fracturing, and enhanced oil recovery techniques, Jeremy works with his technical team to implement plans designed to increase daily production and return on investment. From simple mechanical reworks and replacing old equipment to fracking existing wellbores, Eagle’s goal is driving an approximate 200 to 400 percent increase in production through targeted redevelopment.

Prior to forming Eagle Natural Resources, Jeremy provided consulting services to other independent Oil & Gas producers, overseeing the start up and expansion of their private equity departments.