Jubilee Joint Venture

Low-Risk Niobrara Development DJ Basin,
Laramie Country, Wyoming

Jubilee Joint Venture

Low-Risk Niobrara Development DJ Basin, Laramie Country, Wyoming

Gross Production: 3,541,023 Barrels Oil + 11.3 Billion Cubic Feet Gas (5,372,806 Barrels Oil, Equivalent)
Current Production: 33.3 BOPD + 71 MCFGPD (45.5 BOEPD) – 79 Active Wells of 133 Total Wells

The Jubilee Joint Venture involves the drilling and completion of one new horizontal well with EOG Resources as the operator in the prolific Niobrara Trend in the DJ Basin of southeastern Wyoming. The Niobrara Trend is currently ranked as the second-most economic oil shale resource play in the United States and is considered a very low geologic-risk drilling opportunity in an established oil-rich field. The Niobrara Trend is composed of interbedded oil-rich shale (original source rock for the oil in-place), sandstone, marl and chalk (reservoirquality rock with porosity) and responds very well to horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing due to the brittle nature of the formation. In southeastern Wyoming, the Codell Sandstone is the primary reservoir target within the Niobrara Trend. The ongoing development of the Niobrara Trend can be considered more of a “mining process” than a true exploration or “wildcatting” play, since the oil is already in-place, and horizontal drilling and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing can be used to extract the oil economically.

To date, EOG Resources has drilled over 700 horizontal wells in the Niobrara Trend in Wyoming with consistent well-to-well performance and increasing production results due to technology advancements in drilling and completion. Eagle Natural Resources has participated in a non-operating working interest position in 54 consecutive successful Niobrara wells to date, including the Rio La, Wilson Rinn Valley, Groves Farm, Calvary Farms and Big Sandy Projects, with gross production of 6.4 Million Barrels Oil and 34 Billion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas (or 12.4 Million Barrels Oil, equivalent) since September 2018, from these six projects. Eagle continues to pursue additional non-operating working interest projects in the DJ Basin, taking advantage of lower drilling and completion costs (post-CV19), recovering oil and natural gas prices, as well as the later generation completion techniques developed by industry over many years, receiving the benefit of billions of dollars invested in the “learning curve” of early development in the prolific Niobrara Trend.

1-Well Niobrara Development Program DJ Basin, Laramie County, Wyoming

25.00% Non-Operated Working Interest (18.25% Net Revenue Interest) - Available for $3,500,000

Operator EOG Resources To Drill and Complete in 3rd Q 2022 – 2-Mile Lateral (PTD 19,388’ – PTVD 8,702’)
EOG Has Drilled Over 700 Horizontal Wells in Wyoming with Consistent Results
using Latest Generation Completions

The Bend Arch Project represents 42% (33 of 79) of the active wells, and 15% of the current net production (7 BOEPD of 46 BOEPD total) in the Tejas Joint Venture. Target HBP acreage totals approximately 630 net acres over seven leases at 81.16% WI (60.87% NRI) and is located within the long-established Bend Arch Province west of Wichita Falls, Texas.

The 7 HBP leases have produced 703,370 barrels oil and 59 million cubic feet gas, from 50 wells, to date. 20 of the wells are located in the Paradise Field in Wilbarger County, and produce from 13 active wells completed in the Caddo Formation from a depth range of 4,034 to 4,185 feet.

An additional 27 wells are located in the Wichita County Regular Field in neighboring Wichita County, with 17 active wells currently producing from the Pennsylvania Formation from a depth range of only 758 to 1,783 feet. The remaining three wells are located in the Daves and Lake Wichita Fields and produce from the Conglomerate at 5,646 feet and Caddo Formation at 5,182 feet, respectively.

Numerous wells are scheduled for workovers on the Waggoner, Ramming, Goetze and DavesStone leases, with an additional 20 to 30 BOEPD expected increase in daily production.

Eastern Shelf North Project

Stonewall County, Texas

Monthly Income Conversion Table

Target Rate 543 BOEPD (gross) or 223 BOEPD (net) – Currently Producing 111 BOEPD or 45.5 BOEPD (net)
Target Reserves 550 MBOE (gross) or 226 MBOE (net) – Only 10% Incremental Needed over Current Cumulative
 Production of 5.4 MMBOE

Total Projections at Risk Capital (after Tax Benefit) for Drill, Test and Completion: $60,000

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full profitability/projection tables


Jeremy Paul

CEO. Eagle Natural Resources, LLC

Jeff Sporl

Geophysicist and Geologist

Jeremy Paul

CEO. Eagle Natural Resources, LLC

Jeremy has over a decade of experience in the oil and gas sector. Prior to forming Eagly Natural Resources, he provided consulting services overseeing the start up and expansion of private equity departments for oil & gas producers.

He has spearheaded the efforts behind acquiring over 4,000 net mineral acres across Texas and Oklahoma. Eagle’s portfolio of held-by-production (HBP) properties currently features minority and majority interest ownership in over 200 producing wells.

Jeff Sporl

Geophysicist and Geologist

Jeff has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geophysics from Penn State University. He has over 35 years of seismic interpretation and subsurface integration experience.

In January 1985 were he was selected as one of five lead Amoco geophysicists to evaluate Tenneco’s Gulf of Mexico properties in a $2.6 Billion acquisition attempt, and evaluated three of Tenneco’s largest offshore gas fields.

With an impressive well success record over 75% on 45 discovery wells drilled to date.

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