How It Works

Now is the time to invest in energy.

With oil prices at roughly a third of the highs seen just a few years ago, we believe now is the time to buy oil and gas assets. Depressed oil pricing means lower cost of entry and lower all-around drilling and operational costs, which positions you well for success today with solid return potential for years to come.

Eagle Natural Resources specializes in pairing ultra high net worth individuals with ongoing direct participation investment opportunities for held by production (HBP) properties in proven-producing fields. Whether you are looking for a targeted, tax-advantaged investment or steady cash flow, Eagle opens the door to straight-forward Oil & Gas opportunities.

EAGLE ADVANTAGE: Receive Deeded Interest

At Eagle, your Working Interest ownership is deeded directly in your name and is recorded in the corresponding counties of record. All revenue and tax reporting is processed directly by the oil and/or gas purchaser/refinery, which saves you money. Eagle does not charge any ongoing management, processing or transaction fees.



Eagle’s acquisition model focuses on proven producing fields with extensive infrastructure, existing wells for immediate cash flow, and upside through additional drilling, recompletion and/or rework operations.

Specifically, Eagle targets financially-distressed energy assets that will benefit immediately from operational improvements paid for with an infusion of capital.



BUY LOW. SELL HIGH. Today’s soft oil pricing opens the door to buying quality assets at a fraction of the price seen over the past decade.

Not only are the costs of entry lower, drilling and operating costs have come down just as technological advances that are driving better production have gone up. This provides us with the potential to deliver our investors solid returns today‚Ķ with stronger revenue potential down the road as pricing rebounds.



Once a property is acquired, Eagle implements a turn-key development plan that quickly and methodically takes advantage of opportunities to increase performance potential. From simple mechanical reworks and replacing old equipment to fracking existing wellbores, our goal is to drive an approximate 200 to 400 percent increase in production through targeted development.

Select proven undeveloped reserve (“PUD”) drilling may be done on key leaseholds to help amplify production, boost overall return potential and deliver additional tax advantages.



For existing producing assets, investors typically receive their first revenue check from producing assets within ~90 to 120 days. For new drilling, distributions typically begin ~60 days after a well begins producing.

Long term, you can rest easy knowing that Eagle’s management team is overseeing all aspects of operations. Investing alongside you in many cases, Eagle has every incentive to maximize production and revenue potential while controlling costs.

We’d like the opportunity to introduce you to our team, our projects and our processes. To get started, give us a call at (469) 362-5566 or click here to request an investor kit.