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Current Investment Opportunity:

ENR Income & Development

With a focus on delivering both income and growth potential, ENR Income & Development Parnterships may be a smart fit for investors seeking to diversify into domestic energy production.

Eagle Income & Development Partnership Advantages

  • Existing cash flow from producing wells
  • Lower risk drilling and development
  • Tax benefits
  • Upside potential through targeted improvements and drilling
  • Experienced management facilitating all phases of operations

Your Potential 2019 Write-Offs:

$100,000 Investment* with Eagle Natural Resources

  • Intangible Drilling Cost Tax Deduction – Enjoy up to $80,000 in IDC tax deductions during the 1st year of the venture. The intangible expenditures of drilling (labor, chemicals, mud, grease, etc.) are usually about (65 to 80%) of the cost of a well. These expenditures are considered “Intangible Drilling Cost (IDC)” and are available in the year the money was invested, even if the well does not start drilling until March 31 of the year following the contribution of capital. (See Section 263 of the Tax Code.)
  • Tangible Drilling Cost Tax Deduction – Generate an additional $2,800 in TDC, bringing the total write-off potential in Year 1 to $82,800.
    The total amount of the investment allocated to the equipment “Tangible Drilling Costs (TDC)” is 100% tax deductible. In the example above, the remaining tangible costs may be deducted as depreciation over a seven-year period. (See Section 263 of the Tax Code.)

*Fractional investment units available; $25,000 min investment

About Eagle Natural Resources

Investing in Domestic Energy Production for a Stronger America

Eagle Natural Resources is an independently owned oil and gas asset acquisition and management company with an extensive – and growing – portfolio of income-producing assets and developmental drilling inventory in Texas, Oklahoma, and the Gulf Coast Region.

Our acquisition model focuses on proven producing fields with extensive infrastructure, existing wells for immediate cash flow, and upside through additional drilling, recompletion and/or reworks.

Specifically, Eagle targets financially-distressed energy assets that will immediately benefit from operational improvements paid for with an infusion of capital. Our baseline goal for each project is driving a minimum 500-700 percent increase in production through smart redevelopment.

ENR Operating, LLC a wholly-owned subsidiary of ENR as well as a bonded Operator with the Railroad Commission of Texas, manages and operates all of (ENR’s) partnership wells. This allows (ENR) to have access to a team of expert drillers, roustabouts, engineers, and geologist already in place. We have in place a highly trained operations team, known for their cost efficiencies, and outstanding years of experience within the regions we conduct operations.

Oil & Gas Income Properties with Upside Potential (PDP) Proved-Developed-Producing

Eagle’s Income & Development Funds provide investors with immediate cash flow from existing wells. Additional upside potential is provided through drilling new wells and pursuing targeted improvements such as mechanical reworks and recompletions. Essentially, the Fund acquires on behalf of its investors a percentage of ownership in a working oilfield –– and works alongside other Working Interest partners to maximize production and revenue potential.

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