Protect And Preserve The Value Of Your
Money With Oil & Gas Bonds

Earn stable and predictable returns every month with 10% APY. 

Our Bond Offerings

Monthly interest payments on the 25th of each month

 5 year term

Predictable & stable returns in an unpredictable market

$100k min. investment

Fixed APY
High-Yield Bonds

Truly Passive Income Without Market Volatility

Investing in Eagle Natural Resource’s fixed APY bonds allows you to sit back and collect mailbox money every single month without the uncertainty and risk of the public markets

Significant Earning Potential With Exclusive Gas & Oil Investments

We have well over a decade of experience in the oil and gas sector. Eagle’s portfolio of held-by-production (HBP) properties currently features minority and majority interest ownership in over 200 producing wells. And we bring those earnings directly to you. No middle man. No banks. Nobody else’s hands in your pockets – allowing us to offer significantly higher returns than the competition with less risk.

Our Proprietary Turn-Key System
Is the key to how our investors can earn up to
10% APY with our low risk, high yield bonds.

Identifying High-Yield Assets

Eagle’s acquisition model focuses on Proved Undeveloped (PUD) drilling locations in proven producing fields; no risky wildcatting.

Due Diligence

We do Extensive third-party
geophysical/economic due diligence on all acquisitions.

Investing Partners

By targeting financially-distressed energy assets, they will benefit immediately from operational improvements paid for with an infusion of capital.

You Collect Up to 10% APY

Eagle Natural Resources pays you monthly with certain investments also qualifying for compound interest.

Get Equity-Like Returns Without the Risk

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